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Your results reveal that your organization is FLOURISHING when it comes to human thriving at work.


A Flourishing result reflects investments in time, energy, and effort taken by founders and leaders at your company. At this phase, your workplace is doing many things very well to create the conditions in which the human beings who work there truly thrive. This results in ease of hiring (people want to work for you!), longer retention, feelings of well-being for everyone, and a healthy, vibrant, sustainable culture.

Very well done—your investments in culture, team, and people leadership build a sustainable, engaging work environment.

Some characteristics of this stage of workplace thriving:


Leaders are focused on both people and performance.

Leaders are focused on both the people and the performance side of their roles. They are adept at holding accountability while also being skilled at building connections, showing empathy, and motivating their teams. Most employees report that they “love their boss!”


The organization's mission, vision, and values have been reviewed and institutionalized.

They are visible in how people talk about performance and appear regularly in discussions as guides and key inputs to decisions.


Functional teams are tuned up and working well together.

There is high trust, teams truly care about individual members, and psychological bravery is present in most conversations resulting in high innovation and feedback.


Good self-care and healthy work boundaries.

People leaders, while working hard, are not burned out. They model good self-care and healthy work boundaries, setting the tone for well-being at every level.


Culture is discussed regularly.

Culture is discussed regularly when other key metrics are discussed and is measured annually to tracking improvement.

The Hidden Secret

It’s time to come clean. In everything you’ve done so far, we’ve talked about “human thriving.” In many ways, though, you’ve just completed a culture survey.

Organizational culture is often an unhelpful jargon word. However, culture can be summarized simply in this phrase: culture is how we do things here.

Your culture is:

  • embedded in your policies, pay scales, and interpersonal dynamics at work
  • felt in your customer interactions and is a huge driver of the talent you can recruit
  • measurable but invisible
  • rooted in the beliefs and assumptions help by everyone in your organization

Culture has the capacity to supercharge your organization or, in your case, keep it stuck—and, as a result, keep you stuck running around trying to fix things that seem to break over and over again.

What if problems solved themselves?

With a robust and resilient culture supporting human thriving, problems will begin solving themselves.

Really, though, it’s your people—who are now activated and enlivened—solving their own problems without your direct intervention.

That leaves you to focus on what you need to focus on as CEO or leader: long-term strategy, success, and growth.

Are you ready to step it up?

Take concrete steps to move your organization to be one that is good for people.

When people thrive at work, everyone wins.

What to do with your Flourishing score

No doubt about it: Flourishing in the realm of culture and human thriving is a very good place to be.

You have clearly invested time, energy, and effort into building the team and culture of your organization, and your results are paying off.

It is important that at this stage you invest in three main centers of effort.

1. Maintain your emphasis on building strong People Leaders.

They are essential to the long-term results of your organization. Regularly revisit what it means to be a People Leader at your organization and assess how people are doing against that standard.

2. Keep your focus.

Continue to keep your focus on for the culture activities you have started. Ground organizational decisions in values and leverage your mission and vision to keep each team lean and clear on what good looks like.

3. Continue to invest in team care.

Continue to invest in the essential building block of team care. When teams can hold accountability with one another compassionately, trust grows and hard conversations can happen more often and with better results.

Maintaining consistency and efficiency in building the conditions in which humans thrive is not rocket science—which doesn’t mean it is easy.

Specific actions to take could include:

  • Consider administering a 360 degree feedback tool on your leaders at every level. We love the Leadership Practices Inventory for ease of use and graphical displays.
  • Implement the Emotional Intelligence Assessment for your leaders at every level to reinforce how they lead for connection as a leadership team.
  • Pick up our friend Michael Bungay Steiner’s new book, How to Work with Almost Anyone for an amazing script for improving work relationships even when they seem hopeless.
  • Look into Lisa Martin’s model for building Coach Like Leaders in your workplace.
  • The dotdotdot™ (link coming soon) Continue to support your people leaders with our dotdotdot program. Leadership is a journey, not a destination, and requires a lifetime of practice. Each month, you’ll engage in live coaching sessions, accessing essential tools, practical insights, and unwavering support aimed to enhance your leadership abilities.
  • Bring Moe in to speak at a company or industry event to inspire your leaders with why how they show up matters so much and what they can do to have a sustainable impact on everyone who works for them.

Why Developing Culture Matters

Sometimes knowledge helps as much as action. If you want to simply dip your toes into the world of culture, we have some exploratory resources to recommend:

Moementum Inc founder, Moe Carrick, outlines the costs and consequences of not measuring or tracking human thriving in terms or organizational health. It will orient you to our original framework (The 7 Needs Humans Have from Work) and pinpoint why it’s so important for leaders to strive to meet those needs.

Margaret Heffernan, who’s been the CEO of five successful businesses, shares why we need less tech and more messy human skills – imagination, humility, bravery – to solve problems in business, government, and life in an unpredictable age. “We are brave enough to invent things we’ve never seen before,” she says. “We can make any future we choose.” Watch this talk to inspire you to dig into the human elements that make your workplace possible and outline how to shift what you measure.

Dr. Brene’ Brown’s groundbreaking work on courage, shame, and vulnerability takes a frank look at outdated modes of interaction, communication, and leadership that do not serve human thriving. Her Netflix special provides a potent look at why courage matters to all of us as precursors to living the lives we crave.

What's next?

We’ve emailed you with a private link to this page. Come back here whenever you can. Start working on those three points above. If you’re ready to go further, consider some of the more advanced options below.

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  • Familiarize yourself with the 2023 research report issued by the US Surgeon General on Workplace Mental Health and Well-being.
  • Watch Simon Sinek’s classic TED talk, Start with Why
  • Sign on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Pledge as evidence of your commitment to being a workplace for belonging for all.

Are you ready to step it up?

Take concrete steps to move your organization to be one that is good for people.

When people thrive at work, everyone wins.

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