The Index for Human Thriving at Work

We measure so many things to ensure our organizations get the results we want. And yet, people are what make companies great but are often not on the dashboard or KPI’s. What if you could measure human thriving at work? The Index is a short survey we’ve developed that provides you with the fastest possible gut check for how you’re doing—as well as a tailored set of guidelines to help to begin diving deeper NOW.

Do you make any of these common mistakes in what you measure?

Many businesses – especially young or growing organizations – make these same mistakes:

Why traditional metrics are incomplete

For every organization to survive, it needs resources. Resources = Money.

Your business needs money, which is why traditional metrics like profit and loss, sales, and expenses matter. We do not suggest you stop measuring what matters.

But it is no wonder you overlook measuring human metrics in the face of all the things you measure.

You want your organization and the people in it to thrive, not merely survive, right?

What sets great organizations apart

What makes organizations great is the people who work there.

Smart business decisions matter. Making deals, setting prices, strategic partnerships, the right investment—but you’re good at that already. It’s gotten you this far, after all.

The most successful leaders know a hidden secret, though.

Smart business decisions paired with excellent human practices create resilient, robust organizations that last.

The simple recipe for human thriving at work

For decades we’ve worked with smart leaders to focus and amplify the human side of their organization.

Your people are your greatest asset. When they bring all of their best efforts and energies to work, they become your superpower. When people thrive at work, everyone wins.

When they languish, it costs you.

But how do you know if people are thriving at your organization?

At first glance, it can seem much more challenging to measure human thriving, especially when you’re used to measuring easily quantifiable resources like revenue, cost-to-market, and so on.

While it might look different—think stories, not digits (although we can use numbers—the science of measuring human thriving in organizations is well-developed and robust.)

But it’s under-emphasized in business schools, medical schools, and most advanced leader education because it’s not seen as being as critical as monetary and production metrics.

An organization that doesn’t properly optimize human thriving will always experience limited growth and success. 

What gets measured counts. We’ve seen it over and over again.

Presenting: The Index for Human Thriving at Work

Many surveys exist that offer rigorous information about specific elements of human thriving. Some measure engagement, some measure culture, and others measure team cohesion.

While these tools are indispensable as you work to advance human thriving at your organization, they don’t offer an at-a-glance overview of how things are going for your people. To remedy this, we condensed our decades of experience into a 5-10-minute survey called The Index for Human Thriving at Work.

The Index will provide you with the fastest possible gut check for how you’re doing—as well as a tailored set of guidelines to help to begin diving deeper NOW.

Are you ready to take human thriving seriously?

I have to warn you: the road to flourishing people isn’t always easy. There will be hard conversations ahead. You will need to be brave and fight for what you want and what your organization needs, even when it makes your palms sweat.

But if you want your business to be one of the best out there, you must put human thriving at the center.

Your Results

What You Will Learn

When you’ve completed The Index, you’ll get a customized report showing the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities you face in achieving human flourishing.


Reveal where you’re already doing a good job of nurturing human thriving (yay!)


Indicate key opportunities for you to develop specific practices that foster human thriving, like developing leaders who are good for people.


Identify the best places to start in the 3 core levers for human thriving at work: culture, people leadership, and teams who care.


Get free resources and guidance tailored to your situation. You’ll be able to take action on the same day you take the Index.

How The Index for Human Thriving works

We’ve interviewed and consulted thousands of clients over the past few decades. During that time, we’ve also conducted wide-ranging surveys (that shaped the foundation for Moementum CEO Moe Carrick’s 3 best-selling books).

Across all of these data points, we’ve found certain questions that reveal the current strengths and opportunities in leaders’ approaches to human thriving in their organizations.

Here’s How We Did It:


We partnered with a data scientist and survey research expert to compress all of our knowledge into the 20 most indicative questions.


We put those questions into a streamlined online form that only takes, on average, four-and-a-half minutes to complete.


Next we tested it with real leaders across every business sector. Check out some of their feedback below!


Voila, The Index for Human Thriving at Work provides you an accurate and immediate snapshot of how well your organization supports its people.


“This simple tool saved us time and money in finding the support we needed for our next steps in building our culture.”

Bill, GM Gypsum Finishing/Certainteed

“What a fun and easy way to draw attention to where we can focus on our journey to be a great place to work.”

Carrie, SVP People and Culture

“I can’t believe the value we received in our Index For Human Thriving Report—our team is actively taking action on our own and with help that we have needed for a long time but didn’t know where to start.”

Jonathan, COO

The Index for Human Thriving at Work

The Index is a short survey we’ve developed that provides you with instant results detailing how your organization is performing and a tailored set of guidelines to help you begin diving deeper today.

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Take concrete steps to move your organization to be one that is good for people.

When people thrive at work, everyone wins.

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